Coordinator`s Message

University of Embu sports and recreational programs provide our students with exceptional learning experiences that are not offered in other parts of the University curriculum. Through participation in university sports, students’ athletes improve their strength, speed, and endurance, and acquire the complex skills and poise needed to perform at their best in athletic competition. 

The Sports and Games Department provides high-quality sporting and recreational services for all. It’s mandated to offer indoor and outdoor interscholastic sports and game programs with educational value to both the students and members of staff.
The department forms an integral part of the University that strives to achieve the unparalleled standard of excellence that exists within various academic disciplines at the University. Further, it embraces the concept that the student-athletes are first and foremost students, possessing individual rights, academic abilities, personal interests, and ambitions comparable to those of other members of the students’ fraternity. Thus, it’s obligated to provide diverse sports and recreational programs to meet the individual needs of all interested parties. Through sports, we aim at nurturing students’ high ideals and admirable personal qualities such as discipline, pride, confidence, courage, respect, responsibility, trust, empathy, and leadership.

Additionally, the department provides opportunities for athletic success, opportunities to develop physically, emotionally and socially, opportunities to discover hidden talents, learn about one, and develop a new sense of competence and self-worth. The unique fabric of sports facilitates prospects of being part of a team; learn lessons about life and reality; enjoy elements of motivation to pursue impossible goals and objectives that most youths dismiss as being unreal.

The responsibility of making sports an intimate part of every student-athlete experience rests squarely on the shoulders of the department and its staff.
David Macharia
Coordinator, Sports & Games