Message from the Director, University Examinations

University of Embu recognizes that student assessment is an important part of the teaching and learning process. The University will ensure that integrity is upheld in all activities incidental to the examination process including preparation, administration and processing of Examinations.



 Functions of Directorate of University Examinations
1. Coordinating University Examinations processing.
2. Coordinating moderation of Examinations drafts and scripts.
3. Preparation of reports related to Examinations.
4. Preparation of Examination schedules on administration of Examinations.
5. Preparation and issuance of transcripts and certificates.
6. Maintaining a record of Examination results that are approved by senate
7. Coordinating Examinations remarking requests.
8. Coordinating printing and administration of CATs and Examinations.
9. Handling Examinations issues related to Disciplinary Committee and Disciplinary Appeals Committee.

Dr. Joanne Ogunah
Director, University Examinations