Welcome to the Directorate of Academic Quality Assurance

Quality is a key element not only for accreditation but also to ensure better opportunities for future generations. The process of Quality Assurance involves the systematic review of educational provision to maintain and improve its quality, equity, and efficiency. The Directorate of Academic Quality Assurance is actively engaged in promoting high academic standards in the quality of teaching and learning through maintenance and continuous enhancement of quality research, consultancy and outreach programmes, in accordance with the University Charter, Statutes, Strategic Plan and Commission for University Education Standards and Guidelines.
The University of Embu, Directorate of Academic Quality Assurance was established in 2014 in order to contribute to the achievement of the University’s Mission and in the realization of its vision. The Directorate is responsible for prescribing and maintenance of quality standards of the University’s academic programmes. The Directorate of Academic Quality Assurance Board provides leadership on the activities of the Directorate as follows:

  1. Develop guidelines to ensure that curriculum development and implementation meet the approved standards as set out by the Senate and relevant regulatory agencies.
  2. Ensure adherence to approved standards of student admission, student support services and academic staff recruitment.
  3. Monitor the implementation of approved academic curricula to ensure that implementation is effective and meets the highest standards with respect to modes of content delivery, examination and supervision.
  4. Regularly review academic quality standards to ensure that they are aligned to international best practices and when necessary to recommend changes to the Senate.
  5. Ensure that the University is well represented in local and regional quality assurance programs and activities.
  6. Prepare for policies and guidelines on academic quality.
  7. Prepare and regularly update tools for monitoring and evaluating adherence to approved quality standards.
  8. To advise the University on matters of academic quality and standards as per requirements of the relevant regulatory agencies.