Head of Section Message

The University Central Stores is one of the sections under the Division of Planning, Administration and Finance headed by DVC (PAF). It was established in 2013 as a small unit with only three members of staff. In 2014 there was a need for other units and the following sub-stores were created: Catering stores, Animal feeds store, Accommodation stores, Maintenance stores, Health unit stores, Laboratories sub-stores.
The University of Embu central stores offer the following services: Receiving of goods, Stocking of good and Issuance of goods to the user departments.
All goods are received in the University central stores. The goods are booked for inspection using inspection and acceptance booking form. The Vice-Chancellor appoints the Adhoc Inspection and Acceptance committee members. The committee inspects the goods as per the specification in the purchase order. If the goods are accepted, we received and stamped the delivery note and the invoice. We raise an Inspection and Acceptance Certificate and the Goods Received Note. The documents are forwarded to procurement for further attachments for payment. If the goods are rejected the Adhoc Inspection and Acceptance committee issues a rejection certificate and the supplier retains the goods.